WPXF: The WordPress Exploit Framework!

My last post about WordPress security was WPSeku, the simple WordPress security scanner. This post is about WPXF, short for the WordPress Exploit Framework, which will help you go one step further and perform penetration tests on WordPress powered websites.

WordPress Exploit Framework

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WPSeku: A Simple WordPress Security Scanner!

There are a lot of open source WordPress security scanners out there right now and WPSeku is one more of them. Since it’s release about a month ago, it has a few static cross-site scripting, local file inclusion and SQL injection strings which it tries to leverage while scanning a website.


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WPForce & Yertle: The WordPress Attack Suite!

There are a lot of WordPress security tools out there such as the WPScan, vulnerability scanner. Now, there is an addition – WPForce, which I consider is a more offensive tool that performs brute force attempts against a targeted WordPress installation.


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