How to: Install Fuzzbunch & DanderSpritz?

I’m thinking I might already be a week late posting this today, but this post about¬†Fuzzbunch and DanderSpritz has been sitting in my drafts for all this while and I thought of completing it any way.

As all of us know by now that the Equation Group gave us all an early Easter surprise by release an awesome cache of tools that were targeted against the Microsoft Windows operating systems – some of which are End Of Life – and other software’s along with a bunch of backdoors and rootkit. My older post – List of Equation Group Exploits¬†already lists the names of the tools and their targets. With that cleared, moving on to the main topic of interest. Download the files listed under “EQGRP_Lost_in_Translation” and proceed.

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List of Equation Group Exploits!

It has been sometime since the Shadow Brokers released a major cache of tools and exploits used/created by the Equation Group. This post is an attempt at listing only the exploits and their names from the last two; Linux and Windows, Equation Group dumps. These are the dump details:

Password: CrDj"(;Va.*NdlnzB9M?@K2)#>deB7mN
Decrypted files:

Password: theequationgroup
Decrypted files:

If you have any details to add/share tweet @pentestit.

Equation Group
Equation Group

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