RouterSploit: The Metasploit For Routers!

There are exploitation frameworks and then there is Metasploit. Though it has a few modules targeted towards embedded devices, it is your “general purpose” framework. If you are looking at a comprehensive embedded devices/router exploitation framework you now have RouterSploit!

RouterSploit: The Metasploit for Routers!

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howmanypeoplearearound: Detect People Around You!

This is a short post about howmanypeoplearearound, an open source tool in Python that can help you identify the number of people in the vicinity of your WiFi connection.


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Anchore – A Open Source Container Inspection & Analysis System!

Wow! It is raining container security suites now! What with our last post being about Dockerscan and this is about Anchore; a robust container analysis, inspection and control system. An automated tweet went out and Scott Francis alerted me about this open source analysis system. I thought of checking it out and here we are.


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