RouterSploit: The Metasploit For Routers!

There are exploitation frameworks and then there is Metasploit. Though it has a few modules targeted towards embedded devices, it is your “general purpose” framework. If you are looking at a comprehensive¬†embedded devices/router exploitation framework you now have RouterSploit!

RouterSploit: The Metasploit for Routers!

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Cameradar: Hack RTSP CCTV Cameras!

I stumbled upon this tool when trying to find more Docker security projects – Cameradar. You can use this tool post exploitation just for the fun, or use it in your own network and check for unauthorized CCTV installations. You can also use it to test the security of your existing camera setup.


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WPForce & Yertle: The WordPress Attack Suite!

There are a lot of WordPress security tools out there such as the WPScan, vulnerability scanner. Now, there is an addition – WPForce, which I consider is a more offensive tool that performs brute force attempts against a targeted WordPress installation.


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