Shodan Queries!

Just as we had on the older PenTestIT blog, I am continuing the tradition of posting interesting Shodan queries here. Shodan has indeed grown a lot more useful and popular all this while. If it interests you, there is another interesting page on this blog that deals with Google Dorks.


Oh yes! If you do like what Shodan does for you, get a membership like I have!

If you have any favourite Shodan queries/searches to submit, Tweet @pentestit!

  • – CVE-2017-7269 (
  • – Hunting Red Team Empire C2 Infrastructure
  • – CVE-2017-5689
  • – CVE-2017-8221,CVE-2017-8222,CVE-2017-8223,CVE-2017-8224,CVE-2017-8225