List of Raspberry Pi DIY Projects for Anonymity!

If you stay in California and want to protect your privacy, or you want to circumvent internet censorship imposed by your government or simply want to stay anonymous on the wire chances are you use use TOR or use a anonymous, no-log-keeping VPN. This post lists a few Do-It-Yourself projects that involves not more than a Raspberry Pi to try and keep you anonymous. As always I will try to keep this post updated. Additionally, if you know of any projects that I may have missed, you sure can let me know!

Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi

List of Raspberry Pi DIY projects for anonymity:

The theme of these projects is going to be similar – install some anonymizing layer over your device and then use it to access the unsecured internets. But, there are a few hidden gems in this list too! Some of them use older models, but as you proceed you can see that the newest Raspberry Pi will work just fine.

  • PiVPN: This is one of the the simplest and fastest way to setup an OpenVPN server on your Raspberry Pi device that leaves you with an extremely secure configuration. All you need to do is run a cURL command on an existing Raspabian and you are done! Check it out here.
  • Tor Hotspot: This is one of the projects from the Chaos Computer Club, Lëtzebuerg. It lets you build a WiFi access point which tunnels TCP connections through the TOR network. Check it out here.
  • Onion Pi: This project seems to be discontinued, but is a decent starting point to convert your Raspberry Pi into a anonymizing Tor proxy. Check it out here.
  • I2PBerry: Looks like this project has also been discontinued. Nevertheless, I2P is also a good option to TOR and VPN networks. It is a Raspberry Pi distribution that comes pre-installed with I2P network software. Check it out here.
  • Tor-Pi-Do: This is where it starts getting interesting. Tor-Pi-do features a stable Debian Linux distribution which enables the anonymous use of TOR with Firefox. Check it out here.
  • Tor Proxy Box: This project tries to help you make your own SafePlug – it will plug into an ethernet port on your existing Internet router just like any other device, but it’ll also connect to the TOR anonymizing network. Check it out here.
  • UpriBox/Usable Privacy Box: I have UpriBox setup at home for the number of features it supports. It is used to turn your Raspberry Pi image into a privacy-enhancing Wireless router. Its main features are – transparent advertisement – and tracker-blocking (silent WiFi), transparent adblocking + TOR network (ninja WiFi) and OpenVPN server for privacy on the road. Check it out here.
  • Portable RasPi TOR Router: This project uses a Raspberry Pi and an ethernet connection to provide you with private, TOR enabled browsing. It enables you to browse the internet anonymously, circumvent most website blockers. Check it out here.
  • ProxyGambit: Okay, this should not be the first DIY project if you are not into such stuff. This project comes from Samy Kamkar, that allows you to access the Internet from anywhere in the world without revealing your true location or IP, fracturing your traffic from the Internet/IP through either a long distance radio link or a reverse tunneled GSM bridge that ultimately drops back onto the Internet and exits through a wireless network you’re no where near. Check it out here.