Anchore – A Open Source Container Inspection & Analysis System!

Wow! It is raining container security suites now! What with our last post being about Dockerscan and this is about Anchore; a robust container analysis, inspection and control system. An automated tweet went out and Scott Francis alerted me about this open source analysis system. I thought of checking it out and here we are.


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Dockerscan – A docker security analysis suite!

What better way to kick off the first blog post than talk about a tool which deals with Docker security. Docker is an open-source project that automates the deployment of applications inside software containers. These containers bundle up pieces of software in a complete filesystem that has everything it needs to run, so that you can package your applications into a singular unit. This is where Dockerscan comes into the picture.


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First Post at PenTestIT!

Hi there! If you are reading this, that means you cared with what happened to the old PenTestIT. As a matter of factly, after we got hacked, I lost the persuasion of trying to come back.

Le ‘ol PenTestIT

However, the desire of revival was strong all through these three years. With that in mind, I kept on renewing the domain even though I did not use it for anything. Some recent changes changed the desire into action and I went ahead to buy this VPS and brought the domain back online.

As you will see, none of the old content has been restored – that is how I want it to be. With that, there are multiple, great tools that no longer are being updated and some very awesome tools that are being introduced everyday!

Surprisingly, there are many more PenTestIT ‘s out there today – there is an .ru, a .de and a .it even! They are good in their own regards. Never thought that the domain name would be copied. There were a few offers to sell the domain, but I did not sell it off.

Today, if you search for PenTestIT, this website appears on the second page behind all these results. Nevertheless, this I say is a good enough start! 🙂

That’s that! Here we go again. Hope to make ‘PenTestIT great again!’ 😉